European Identity Conference 2009
05.05. – 08.05.2009, Munich
XACML08.05.2009 09:00-12:00
Entitlement Management and XACML – An Introduction

Dr. Babak Sadighi, Axiomatics AB • Dr. Ludwig Seitz, Axiomatics AB

Entitlement management is a key technology that enables organisations to adopt services oriented architecture while ensuring the protection of exposed resources. The eXtensible Access Control Markup (XACML) language is an OASIS standard for expressing entitlements and making access decisions based on these. The target audience for this workshop are those having identified a need for an entitlement management solution. The goal is to provide the audience with the background to evaluate…

eID Cards Workshop08.05.2009 13:30-16:00
National eID and Company ID Projects in the Context of EC Harmonization Efforts

Dr. Klaus L�ttich, bremen online services (bos) GmbH & Co. KG • Benjamin Drisch, cv cryptovision GmbH • Carsten Schwarz, Bundesdruckerei

bos KG: Protocols and Use-Cases for Strong Authentication based on the German ID Card From 2010 onwards, the German ID card will include an electronic identification application, which can be used by e-goverment and e-business providers to clearly authenticate German citizens. Based on the German eCard API framework an eID server and a citizen client provide such an authentication for various business cases. This presentation briefly introduces the protocols and use-cases for an online…

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