European Identity Conference 2009
05.05. – 08.05.2009, Munich


<a Tim Cole, Kuppinger Cole + Partner
Beyond the Hype – a Strategical Approach to Cloud Computing06.05.2009 14:00-15:00
Beyond the Hype – a Strategical Approach to Cloud Computing

Martin Kuppinger, Kuppinger Cole + Partner

Cloud Computing is the next big paradigm shift in IT, like the introduction of PCs or the mass adoption of the Internet. Martin Kuppinger will discuss the trend towards Cloud Computing, provide a structure for the cloud computing market, and will discuss which impacts cloud computing will have on IAM and GRC – and the other way round, e.g. what we need from IAM and GRC for successful Cloud Computing strategies. Given that Cloud Computing is becoming reality, we need secure, stringent…

CardSpace & Cloud Computing in a Business Environment

Jan Schmidt, T-Systems

In order to use CardSpace in business environments, compliance requirements enforce the use of a Security Token Service. Within an innovation project T-Systems implemented a Security Token Service that fulfils different business needs such as self services, instant roll-out for external employees, different authentication mechanisms for different levels of security, support of already rolled out smart cards and mobile phones as user credential. A live demonstration shows business scenarios…

Moving Digital Identity to the Cloud, a Fundamental Shift in Rethinking the Enterprise Collaborative Model.06.05.2009 15:00-16:00
Moving Digital Identity to the Cloud, a Fundamental Shift in Rethinking the Enterprise Collaborative Model.

Fulup Ar Foll, Sun Microsystems / Liberty

In light of current technologies most businesses of today tend to abandon their legacy centralised organisation for some form of a distributed model. As a result, the hard identity border that was present in enterprises (customers/patterns/employees) or in governments (citizens, foreigners, residents) has moved from what used to be a clear and strong separation wall, into some form of a wide and foggy zone. While it is still very popular to discuss and promote Identity: compliance,…

Trust and Privacy06.05.2009 16:30-17:30
Trust Metrics

Sampo Kellom�ki, Symlabs • Chris Harvison, Scotiabank

The Future of User Centric Privacy

Dr. Fabian Hermann, Fraunhofer Institut (IAO) • Roland Blach, Fraunhofer IAO

The future of Digital Identity will cover not only be determined by the organisation of access to identities and security mechansims but also the convergence of personal information with physical and virtual environments. Basic approach is the concept of “augmented identity”, that organizes a user-controlled identity covering all spheres of life of a user. The augmented identity models personal data, organizes personal accounts and community access and that allows to control…

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