European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
05.05. – 08.05.2015, Munich, Germany


Getting Smart With Security in the Age of Digital: Moving from Control to Monitoring

Balabit Workshop: Contextual Security Intelligence

05.05.2015 09:00-13:00

Getting Smart With Security in the Age of Digital: Moving from Control to Monitoring

Behaviour-based approaches to detecting intrusions have recently gained importance and momentum as a complementary model to the purely knowledge based approach. Behavioural intrusion detection is based on the assumption, that intrusions regularly create deviations from the normal behaviour, which is defined by reference models. In permanently comparing network activity with the reference model, such deviations can be detected and used to create an alarm. 

Using the behavioural context to detect intrusions is proposing an exciting side-effect: In permanently comparing network activity with reference models, it is possible to discover and learn previously unknown attack patterns and provide “intrusion intelligence”.

In this workshop, KuppingerCole´s Principal Analyst Martin Kuppinger will at first introduce you to the concept of Contextual Security Intelligence and describe the challenges you will have to master, like

  • keeping false alarms low
  • extending behavioural approaches beyond vulnerability-attacks to the area of privilege misuse
  • keeping  your reference model up-to-date with changing behaviours
  • avoiding privacy concerns

   and then will hand over to Dr. Csaba Krasznay and Péter Gyöngyösi from BalaBit, who will give you a deep and intense overview on state-of-the-art Contextual Security Intelligence, devided into the core areas of

  • Privileged Activity Monitoring and
  • User Behavioural Analysis

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