European Identity Conference 2011
10.05. – 13.05.2011, Munich
Information Security in the Cloud13.05.2011 09:00-12:00
Information Security in the Cloud

Mike Small, Kuppinger Cole • Vernon Poole, Sapphire

An overview of Risk in the Cloud (Mike) An overview of the RiskIT process that the participants should follow (Vernon) The Workshop – the participants will be given a worksheet (a PPT with tables based on the example) Scenarios – the participants choose a Scenario Identify Assets at Risk – example based on ENISA study. The participants review the assets and make changes to their worksheet. Then there is a discussion. Identify Risks – example based on ENISA study….

Directories & Federation13.05.2011 13:30-16:00
Directories & Federation

Michael Schwartz, GLUU • Travis Spencer, Ping Identity

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