1st European Identity Conference
07.05. – 10.05.2007, Munich


<a Tim Cole, Kuppinger Cole + Partner
User Centric Identity Panel08.05.2007 11:00-12:00
Identity Federation and User-Centric Identity ? How will it affect Business and IT Infrastructures?

Dick Hardt, Sxip Identity • Andr� Durand, Ping Identity • Conor P. Cahill, Intel Corporation • J�rg Heuer, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

At first glance, it seems that both identity federation and the hot new buzzword topic “user-centric identity” both share the same primary goal of both federation and user-centric identity is to separate and free identity from any one domain to roam as necessary with convenience, privacy and security. But do they really? “User-centric” carries a fine libertinarian ring and in fact is often used as a political slogan (like the old “information wants to be…

Portable Identity08.05.2007 12:00-13:00
You can?t take it with you: Portable Identity and Social Networks

Peter Helfenstein, Collanos Software • Paulo Dimas, TimeBI • Dietmar H. B�to, Viadeo / Viaduc SA • Rainer Stecken, Globolog

The Panel explores the (unanswered) question of portability for reputations and other personal data in the age of Web 2.0. As online communities proliferate, individuals create potentially valuable networks in multiple systems such as LinkedIn, Xing, or FaceBook, as well as on e-commerce websites like eBay or Amazon. However, none of these networks are interconnected. Why can’t I use my eBay rating to get a bank loan? What happens when I graduate from college and want to switch from a…

Telco Panel08.05.2007 14:00-15:00
Identity Federation Leading Edge – Telco Industry

John Kemp, Nokia • Alec Cartwright, British Telecom

The telecommunications industry has long been a pioneer of identity federation. Thanks to their huge customer base and their close relationship with their customers, telcos seem predestined to play a major role in implementing the “circle of trust” concept inherent in the Identity Federation model. The panel will explore the major issues facing telcos as they design and implement federation projects. What are the issues,? Where are the problems? What is possible, what isn’t?…

Identity Capable Platform08.05.2007 15:00-16:00
Future Business and Technology Requirements for Client-based Identity Management

Conor P. Cahill, Intel Corporation

The various phases of the client device functionality deliver different benefits to deployers and consumers. Overall, the capability at the device level represents a huge market opportunity for deployers, who can now more easily build identity-based functionality into all different kinds of devices in a standards-based format. From a consumer perspective, the client device functionality is equally as exciting given the personalization, privacy and security measures this functionality can…

Open Identity08.05.2007 16:30-17:30
CardSpace, Higgins, Bandit & Co. – Projects & Trends in Open Source Identity Management

Don Schmidt, Microsoft • Dale Olds, Novell • Johannes Ernst, NetMesh • David Recordon, SixApart • Sampo Kellom�ki, Symlabs

User-centric identity is probably the hottest topic in the IAM world today. With Vista, Microsoft has introduced its “OpenCard” personal identity system, but has yet to roll out many of its most important features. On the other hand, the open source community has been busy with its own version of an “open” identity system. One example is “Bandit” and the associated “Higgins” project supported among others by IBM and Novell (…

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