European Identity Conference 2011
10.05. – 13.05.2011, Munich


<a Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl, KuppingerCole
Identity and Claims Brokers12.05.2011 10:30-11:30
Identity and Claims Brokers

Andrew Nash, PayPal

Large scale deployments of consumer identity are under way. However, it is impossible for Internet Service providers, e-commerce merchants and other relying parties to deal with large numbers of identity providers. Likewise, consumers need an advocate who will create simple policies and enable management of their information. Finally, many holders of consumer information supporting claims, have no way to effectively utilize this information or provide consumers insight into what is known…

Focusing on the Customer – Identity Management and B2C Scenarios

Wolfgang Jodl, BMW Group • Dr. Heiko Klarl, iC Consult GmbH

In classical Identity Management enterprises focus their attention on processes, roles and permissions whereas in B2C scenarios (Business to Customer) the focus is on the customer from outside the enterprise. A central user directory enables the customers to utilise their online profile in different web portals. They benefit from the overall usage of their login data, making different usernames and passwords a thing of the past. The user’s profile and personalisation information based on the…

Quo Vadis Open ID12.05.2011 11:30-12:30
Quo Vadis Open ID

David Recordon, Facebook • Don Thibeau, OpenID Foundation • Eric Sachs, Google • Larry Drebes, Janrain

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