European Identity Conference 2010
04.05. – 07.05.2010, Munich


<a J�rg Asma, KPMG
<a John Hermans, KPMG
Implementing IdM with Roles Management in an Insurance Environment06.05.2010 10:30-11:30
Implementing IdM with Roles Management in an Insurance Environment

Ron van Beers, Achmea

As a major provider of insurance services in the Dutch market, Achmea had the requirement to implement best practice IT governance in the area of user management across their business critical systems as they migrate from mainframe to an SAP software strategy. This session describes the key enabling decisions that Achmea had to make to realize their Identity Management vision and how they are winning the support of the many internal stakeholders that their Identity Management strategy…

Attributes and Roles – Real World Observations and Future Trends

Dr. Heiko Klarl, iC Consult GmbH

Identity Management has become mature over the last years. From its technical beginnings it evolved to a more overarching concept: the integration of business and IT. With this trend new demands arose. Data quality, information owners, system and business roles have to be aligned within the organisation. HR-based business role assignment and sophisticated user self-services promise to be beneficial for the enterprise. This talk will present observations on these topics and will show future…

IAM Governance06.05.2010 11:30-12:30
IAM Governance

Marko Vogel, KPMG

Most IAM experts claim that good IAM-Governance is a cornerstone of successful and compliant IAM. But what is “IAM-Governance” and what are relevant aspects? Marko Vogel explains how IAM-Governance can be defined and what the key elements are. He discusses the different central and decentral responsibilities on various levels (e.g strategic, tactical) including the responsibilities of senior management. Furthermore, he shows how the enforcement of IAM policies can be monitored to…

The Future of Mining Stable Business Roles

Dr. Martin Kuhlmann, Omada • Cris Merritt, Engiweb Security

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