European Identity Conference 2010
04.05. – 07.05.2010, Munich


<a Tim Cole, Kuppinger Cole
German National ID � Privacy by Design05.05.2010 14:00-15:00
German National ID � Privacy by Design

Andreas Reisen, Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany

The EC STORK Project – Approaches, Challenges, Results

Marc Sel, PwC Belgium

This talk will address the STORK project, its challenges, approaches followed and results achieved so far. STORK stands for Secure Identities Across Borders Linked, aiming to achieve interoperable electronic identities across Europe. Against a background of the EC Treaty which establishes freedom of establishment and freedom of provision of service via the Services Directive (to be implemented by the end of 2009 – including remote aspects), there remain many challenges,…

SPOCS – Crossborder Access to eGovernment Services05.05.2010 15:00-16:00
SPOCS – Crossborder Access to eGovernment Services

Martin Spitzenberger, Austrian Federal Chancellery

SPOCS (Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services) is a pilot project launched by the European Commission which aims to improve the existing implementations of the Services Directive in Europe. It will deliver specifications and tools for a version 2.0 of the Points of Single Contact established throughout Europe by the end of 2009. In order to build interoperable, seamless and smarter cross border services various components that require identity and access management have to be…

Identity and Access Management at Munich University Hospital

Dr. Walter Swoboda, University Hospital of Munich • Simon Leutner, University Hospital of Munich

At the Hospital of the University of Munich many different systems are used for sampling, storing, and processing data for clinical and administrative purposes. Hence several identity databases are existing, i.e. an SAP HR database for personnel management, Microsoft AD for user-registration on clients, a special SAP database for eprocurement, and some others. Now a new area-wide hospital information system (HIS, Siemens i.s.h.med) makes particular demands, because it handles with medical…

From Creative Chaos to Modern Service Provisioning05.05.2010 16:30-17:30
From Creative Chaos to Modern Service Provisioning

Dr. Nicola Stein, German Aerospace Center

The presentation describes the developement of the identity management processes in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) within the last 5 years. It will in particular deal with the organisational aspects and present the individual solution of DLR: Creating structures in a heterogeneous IT – clearance is necessary Customer survey, understanding the usergroups, offering transperancy – that’s how the IT gains trust The “need to know”-principle – Who has access to which services?…

Migros Identity Management & SSO – Implementation and Perspectives

Rudolf Gisler, Migros • Dr. Peter Schill, SafeNet

Migros, Switzerland’s leading retailer and one of the top retailing groups in Europe successfully implemented a comprehensive security solution, that went far beyond the initial need for a solution intended to simplify logon procedures. Together with SafeNet, Migros was able to streamline employee logon and access to multiple corporate applications and portals. While Migros’ strategic goal was to create a comprehensive security access solution that would increase employee…

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