European Identity Conference 2010
04.05. – 07.05.2010, Munich


<a J�rg Asma, KPMG
<a John Hermans, KPMG
Implementation of Access Rights Management – Effectiveness Meets Efficiency05.05.2010 14:00-15:00
Implementation of Access Rights Management – Effectiveness Meets Efficiency

Dr. Heinz-Dieter Schmelling, WestLB AG

Dr. Schelling will talk about his experiences with the implementation of a User Management Team at WestLB over the past years, focusing access governance and organizational, procedural and technical aspects of operations. He will describe the concept behind this implementation, as well as the approach chosen and lessons learned.

Simplifying & Streamlining Access Delivery while Embedding Governance through Preventative Control.

Dr. Martin Dehn, KOGIT GmbH • Deepak Taneja, Aveksa • Darran Rolls, Sailpoint

Panel: Reducing the Risk of Information Leaks: DLP, IRM or both?05.05.2010 15:00-16:00
Panel: Reducing the Risk of Information Leaks: DLP, IRM or both?

John Aisien, Oracle Corporation • John Hermans, KPMG • Prof. Dr. Eberhard von Faber, T-Systems

Information Protection is at the core of what organizations want and have to achieve with their entire IT Security investments. But currently, it is mainly focused on protecting information in their siloes, like file servers, databases, enterprise applications, and so on. However, the target has to be to protect information at any point of its lifecycle: At rest, in move, in use – regardless of where it rests, moves, or is used. DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) claims to solve this issue but is…

Heuristic Approaches to Identity Risk Scoring

Cris Merritt, Engiweb Security

The Role of IAM for Compliance Intelligence – The Siemens Case05.05.2010 16:30-17:30
The Role of IAM for Compliance Intelligence – The Siemens Case

Volkhard Lorenz, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Objectives of the Siemens Compliance Program IT-Enablers for Compliance Compliance Intelligence Solutions Data Assurance Controls using the example of purchase to pay Directory Solutions Lines of defense of safeguard internal processes from irregulations  

Compliant Access Management at BearingPoint with SAP BusinessObjects Access Control

Matthias Fischer, BearingPoint GmbH

BearingPoint GmbH faced a big challenge: it had to centralize governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes across business units in 14 European countries, each with its own manual approval procedures for user access to SAP software and data. The consulting firm turned to the SAP BusinessObjects Access Control application to standardize and automate compliance-related processes for 3,250 users. BearingPoint has further streamlined its compliance reporting by implementing its “iGRC…

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