European Identity Conference 2010
04.05. – 07.05.2010, Munich


<a Sebastian Rohr, KuppingerCole
Identity Management & Cloud Computing in the Automotive Industry05.05.2010 10:30-11:30
Identity Management & Cloud Computing in the Automotive Industry

Dr. Barbara Mandl, Daimler AG

On the on hand cloud computing bares great opportunities for corporations. But if you take a closer look especially under identity management aspects a significant number of challenges arises. We are trying to look into the possibilities of today, existing show stoppers and how a perspective of cloud computing in the automotive industry might look like.

Managed IAM Service Project at Piaggio

Lorenzo Mastropietro, Piaggio & C S.p.a.

Bringing BMW�s New Central Identity and Access Management System into Life05.05.2010 11:30-12:30
Bringing BMW�s New Central Identity and Access Management System into Life

Dr. Andreas Neumann, Logica Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG • J�rgen Skerhut, BMW

At BMW, a large number of applications based on the major IT platforms Windows, Mainframe, CA, SAP… are in use. In the past several custom made management applications have been developed and deployed to manage accounts and access rights on these different platforms, sometimes using different processes. Over time these systems developed into a state of unsustainable complexity due to increasing business demands with correspondingly high support and maintenance costs. This situation lead…

Integrating Physical Access Control into Active Directory at King ICT, Croatia

Kristian Koljatic, KING ICT d.o.o. • Nino Talian, KING ICT d.o.o. • Adrian Castillo, HID Global

In the early years of this century, corporate telephone networks have become an integral part of unified communications systems operating as part of the IT infrastructure and no longer as a stand alone network. This second decade is seeing a new trend in IT resources rationalization driven in part by the fact that workers are more mobile and IT networks are being exposed to the outside world thus no longer making the physical perimeter of the company’s facilities the boundary of the network….

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