02.12. – 04.12.2009, Munich


<a Tim Cole, Kuppinger Cole + Partner
Mission-Critical Applications (ERP; CRM) in the Cloud04.12.2009 10:30-11:30
Mission-Critical Applications (ERP; CRM) in the Cloud

Extending Collaboration with the Cloud04.12.2009 11:30-12:30
Extending Collaboration with the Cloud

Thomas Uhl, Topalis AG • Stuart McRae, IBM

Collaboration as a Service is a key trend of 2009, leveraging Cloud Computing to both deliver legacy services like e-mail, instant messaging and web conferencing as a service and also provide easy access to the latest enterprise social software and file sharing services. Multiple vendors are aggressively entering this market. This presentation looks at the state of the art today, both as an alternative to enterprise deployment of collaboration and as a hybrid solution to extend existing…

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