allanforgerock.per Allan Foster
VP of Community

Allan Foster is a founding member of ForgeRock, bringing skills in the entire Identity management space. He has proven skills in Access Management, Federation, and Portal Architectures. Allan is based in Portland, Oregon in the USA, and has worked with the ForgeRock products, as well as prior version of the products for several years. Allan brings 25 years of experience in the development, internet, and Identity management spaces to ForgeRock.

Allan’s career has reached from Apple Computer inc, to Netscape, AOL, Guru Associates, and Sun Microsystems before joining the team at ForgeRock. Allan now serves at Forgerock as VP Community, and OpenAM Engineering.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
05/13/2014 09:00-13:00 Kantara Initiative Workshop
Consumer Identity – International Use Cases and Approaches
Kantara Workshop
05/13/2014 09:30-10:15 Identity Relationship Management Details
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
05/14/2014 12:00-13:00 Dynamic Authorization Management
RBAC, ABAC, or Both?
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
04/19/2012 10:30-11:30 Re-engineering IAM
The Role of Open Source in Today�s IAM Infrastructure
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