ericsachs.per Eric Sachs
Product Manager

My career is focused on getting more technology moved into a “software as a service” model, and enabling consumers to aggregate more of their data into a central data store where they control who has access to it. I started my career in the early 90’s by creating some of the first hosted services providing E-mail & collaborative applications for businesses, as well as co-developing ASP platforms for Microsoft & IBM/Lotus.

I am currently a Product Manager at Google where I designed another corporate ASP service which is called Google Apps For Your Domain. I’ve also helped build many other systems include Google Accounts, Google Health, orkut.com, as well as providing leadership in the standards community for OAuth, OpenID, Open Social, & Caja. Currently I am the Product Manager for the Google Security team and the counterpart to Google’s CIO.


European Identity Conference 2011
05/10/2011 09:00-13:00 An Update and Overview of OpenID More
05/12/2011 11:30-12:30 Quo Vadis Open ID More
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