liscia100.per Dr. Laurent Liscia
Executive Director

Laurent Liscia, Ph.D., Executive Director at OASIS, provides leadership, operational oversight, and strategic vision for the consortium. He represents OASIS in the international arena, serving as an advocate for open standards in matters of policy and adoption. Laurent also develops new opportunities to extend the breadth and depth of future OASIS work. Prior to joining OASIS, he co-founded several Web-related companies, including Traackr and Webmotion. Laurent served as a Media Attaché for French Foreign Affairs and has worked in France, Canada, Italy, Ecuador, Morocco and the United States. He holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne University and speaks English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Laurent is based in San Francisco. Read Laurent’s blog.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
2013年05月14日 18:10-18:30 You can Shelve your Big Data Startup Plans if you don´t have Privacy Covered – A Standards Perspective 更多的
2013年05月15日 17:00-18:00 Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) – the Dope or are we Duped? 更多的
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
2012年04月17日 17:30-17:50 What Standards Have Done and Will Do for Cloud Identity 更多的
European Identity Conference 2011
2011年05月10日 14:00-14:30 Identity and Data Protection: Clearing up a Cloudy World with Open Standards 更多的


European Identity Conference 2011
In Cloud We Trust 更多的
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