holl.per Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl
Senior Analyst

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl is professor for office communication and administration automation, author and editor of many works in the IT Security and Safety area, director of the “Institute of Security and Safety (ISS)” at the FH Brandenburg and accredited German and European data protection expert, as well as director of the Master’s degree program “Security Management” at the FH Brandenburg. In the last years he has worked on diverse projects in corporate security, PKI success criteria, functionality of emergency power supplies, etc. Besides the fields of data protection, data security and compliance he has in-depth knowledge of security management and IAM particularly in the context of public administrations and SMEs.


European Identity Conference 2011
10.05.2011 15:00-15:30 Data Protection and the Cloud Дальше
12.05.2011 16:30-17:30 The Human Factor in eID-Solutions Дальше


European Identity Conference 2011
Consumer Identity Дальше
Privacy Дальше
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