joerndierks.per J�rn Dierks
Chief Security Strategist EMEA

Joern’s overall responsibility as Chief Security Strategist EMEA at NetIQ, a business unit of The Attachmate Group, is the Identity, Security and Governance Management business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He regularly consults key enterprise customers in these geographic regions about security trends, provides market insights and educates on how to map the NetIQ portfolio to the customers’ requirements. Joern is also responsible for the strategic direction of the product line and works very closely with Product Management and Development in the USA providing the international customer and business perspective.

Before joining NetIQ, Joern studied Computer Science, majoring in Computer and Network Security, and worked for seven years as Senior Systems Engineer in IT Security focusing on firewalls, intrusion detection systems and encryption technologies. Joern is a CISSP since 2004.


EIC 2013 Beer Garden Talks
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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
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05/15/2013 17:00-18:00 Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) – the Dope or are we Duped? Details
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