marcorohrereic13.per Marco Rohrer

Marco Rohrer is co-founder and CEO of IPG AG Switzerland. Marco Rohrer holds a degree in Business Administration and offers more than 10 years experience in the IT industry. IPG AG is focused on IT security and ensures a comprehensive understanding of all topics related to Identity and Access Management.


EIC 2014 Beer Garden Talks
05/14/2014 10:20-10:40 IAM as a Service Details
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
05/14/2014 11:00-12:00 ABC: Agile Business � Connected
The new ABC and the role of Cloud IAM
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
05/15/2013 17:00-18:00 Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) – the Dope or are we Duped? Details
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