Christian Scholz
Co-Founder and Managing Director
COM.lounge GmbH

Christian Scholz is co-found and managing director of COM.lounge GmbH, a german company focused on web application development with Python, Content Management Systems with Plone and tools for collaboration.

He also served two years on the board of the DataPortability Project.

Christian Scholz is also an active open source developer. He contributed to Plone, developed a Python library for open web standards called pydataportabilty and is now actively developing a web application/collaboration library called QuantumCore. Moreover COM.lounge just released a Plone plugin for JanRain’s RPX.

Christian is podcasting in german and english about open web standards at the german Open Web Podcast and the english Data Without Borders podcast.

He is blogging in german and english at mrtopf.de about open standards, Python and politicis.


European Identity Conference 2010
05/06/2010 14:00-15:00 Panel Discussion: Social Data Portability Details
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