ronnybjones.per Ronny Bjones
Senior Architect

Ronny Bjones currently is working for Microsoft Corporate as senior architect in the identity & security division. Ronny joined Microsoft in 2002 to contribute in trustworthy computing. Later he became the EMEA security lead for Microsoft’s enterprise business. He has 27 years of experience in ICT, 21 of those in security.

Ronny oversees the whole areas of security but has a special interest in smart cards, PKI, Identity Metasystem, cryptography and digital signatures.

Ronny is a board member of EEMA, an organisation providing guidance on e-Business. Ronny is also member of the ISSE program committee. He is also member of the OASIS Security Conference program committee and the World-eID program committee.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
06.05.2015 12:00-13:00 Internet Scale Encryption, Authentication, Authorization
uProve: The Pricipal of Minimal Disclosure at Work
08.05.2015 13:30-16:00 Identity Mixer, uProve, Qiy Trust Framework, UMA: Providing Control to the Individual Дальше
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
19.04.2012 14:00-15:00 Cloud Security Issues
Secure Online Identity with Cloud Identity and Privacy Services
European Identity Conference 2011
12.05.2011 16:30-17:30 Privacy Protected Authentication and Authorisation Дальше
European Identity Conference 2010
05.05.2010 14:00-15:00 What the Identity Industry Should do to Improve Security for the Cloud Дальше
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