kuipersjaap2007.per Jaap Kuipers
DigiNotar BV

Works for DigiNotar BV Internet Trust Services and other companies. Specializes on identity management. For 8 years worked on the national authentication service for higher education. Is active in linking identity management specialists on a national and international scale. Worked as an IT auditor, head of security and controller with KPMG, the Dutch National Computer centre and Rabo bank on topics regarding authentication, information security and controlling. Took part in the DigiD user board and is co- chair of the National Identity management Platform ECP-EPN.NL .

Received the from GvIB, ISACA, ITSMF, NGI, NGN, NOREA, Platform Informatiebeveiliging en VBN, the Joop Bautz Security Award 2005 for his work on security and identity management and in 2008 received with others the EEMA award for realising the SURF trust federation.


European Identity Conference 2010
05/06/2010 16:30-17:30 Consumer Identity & Trust Networks
Consumer Identity: a Dutch Perspective on Benefits, Issues and Next Steps
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