ligezinski 001.per Peter Ligezinski
Allianz Investmentbank AG

Peter Ligezinski has designed and implemented a number of complete IT solutions for financial institutions, ranging from simple current accounts keeping and administration to complex investment banking and mutual fund administration. Before Allianz, Ligezinski had worked for Citibank and the Austrian banking group Raiffeisen, in addition to running his own software development firm. Currently he is the IT head at Allianz Investmentbank AG in Vienna, where he’s been responsible for the complete IT development and operations from the first day of the bank’s operations.


European Identity Conference 2010
04.05.2010 14:00-14:30 IT is not Enough Mehr
Mittelstandsdialog Informationssicherheit
04.05.2010 14:00-14:30 IT is not Enough Mehr
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