thomas.per Thomas C Stewart

Mr. Stewart joined MFC after six years at Intel Corporation, where he held senior positions in both finance and marketing. At Intel, Stewart was responsible for strategic analysis and financial controls for delivering best in class information technology solutions in areas including PC clients, wireless networking, remote access/VPN and telephony. Stewart is a frequent speaker at industry events due to his expertise in financial analysis of business technology decisions and ROI of information technology. While at Intel, Stewart acted as strategic finance consultant to Intel Capital. In addition to investment portfolio analysis, he contributed financial analysis for several individual portfolio companies. Stewart relocated to Europe in 2004 to build a sales and marketing team targeting the IT system integrator channel. During that time, he managed the technical integration of newly developed Intel products into System Integrator partners responsible for more than $80M in Intel revenue. Prior to joining Intel, Stewart held management positions at data networking and application services firms. He served as one of the first product managers for FutureLink, a pioneer in the development of the application service provider (ASP) concept. Stewart has a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College and a master’s degree in business from the Paul Merage School of Business at University of California, Irvine.


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