kaushik.per Nishant Kaushik
Sr. Director, Product Management

Nishant Kaushik is Sr. Director, Product Management in CA’s Security division, responsible for the innovation and delivery of CAs Identity-as-a-Service solution SecureCloud. He has over 14 years of experience in the identity management industry architecting and delivering market leading products, with stints at Thor Technologies, Oracle (where he was Lead Strategist for the IAM business) and most recently SCUID (as CTO). Nishant is a recognized thought leader in the identity management industry, regularly speaking at conferences and provoking discussion through his blog (blog.talkingidentity.com) and on twitter (@NishantK).



European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
2015年05月07日 14:30-15:30 New Security Solutions for the Enterprise
What If the Future of Security Means Not Knowing It’s There?
European Identity Conference 2011
2011年05月11日 11:30-12:30 Federation: Lessons Learned 更多的
2011年05月11日 17:30-18:00 When Trust is not Enough 更多的
2011年05月12日 15:00-16:00 Identity and Access in the Cloud 更多的
European Identity Conference 2010
2010年05月05日 10:30-11:30 Panel: The Next Step of User Provisioning: Identity GRC as a Natural Evolution 更多的
2010年05月05日 14:00-15:00 What the Identity Industry Should do to Improve Security for the Cloud 更多的
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