voss.per Eric Voss
Vice President Sales Channel
AXSionics AG

Eric Voss is Vice President of Partner Sales, AXSionics AG, Biel, Switzerland.

During his professional lifetime he spent 10 years in the German Airforce being a Technlcal Officer for the Tornado Fighter Aircraft. While in the forces he studied Aerospace Engineering in the Armed Forces University Munich.

1995 he joined CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) as Management consultant, led several public sector and defence projects in Germany and Austria, like Logistics management of depot level maintenance, implementation of SAP in the forces, consolidation of data centers.

1999 he joined Sun Microsystems initially in charge of Business development Public Sector Germany and Austria. Afterwards he took over the Global Account Management for EADS before joining Corporate Partner Marketing defining and implementing Public Sector strategy on a global basis.

In October 08 he joined AXSIonics AG as Vice President of Partner Sales.

Besides his professional career he is teaching Economics on Healthcare Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.


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