blach.per Roland Blach
Senior Scientist
Fraunhofer IAO

Roland Blach is a senior scientist at the Competence Centre for Virtual Environments of Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart. He has finished his studies in control engineering at the University of Stuttgart in 1992 and works since 1993 in the field of VR. He is one of the architects of the VR system Lightning and has participated in many industrial and research projects. His research interests are software arcitectures for interactive realtime systems, 3D interaction, projection based display systems and immersive information vizualization. He actively supports the scientific exchange in organizing and reviewing for major VR related events e.g. for EGVE, IEEE VR or the IEEE 3DUI Symposium. He is also responsible for the technical management of the European INTUITION network of excellence on VR/AR technology and also for the VR-Technology working group in INTUITION.


European Identity Conference 2009
05/06/2009 16:30-17:30 Trust and Privacy
The Future of User Centric Privacy
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