erlinghagen.per Sabine Erlinghagen
Vice President & General Manager Identity Management & Biometrics
Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Sabine Erlinghagen is responsible for the world-wide business with DirX, the Siemens product suite for Identity & Access Management as well as for the Siemens biometric products. She puts a particular focus on leveraging IAM for core industry and administration processes. Prior to this responsibility, she was in charge of the Siemens IT portfolio for the Public Sector. Amongst other responsibilities in this role, she shaped the Siemens IT Solutions strategy and portfolio for EU Directives – e.g. solutions for EU Service Directive or EESSI. In her previous career in Siemens, she was in charge of numerous process optimization projects (e.g. in telecommunication or automotive industry).

Sabine Erlinghagen holds a German and French Diploma (Diplomkauffrau and Diplome de Grande Ecole) from ESCP–EAP, European School of Management and University of Cologne.


European Identity Conference 2010
2010年05月04日 17:30-18:00 National ID Documents Driving eApplications / eBusiness 更多的
European Identity Conference 2009
2009年05月05日 15:30-16:00 Identity Management in the Focus of eGovernment and Vertical Solutions 更多的
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