brouwer.per Eric Brouwer

Eric Brouwer is working at ICTU, the Dutch governmental organization to perform ICT-projects in order to maximize the government’s IT objectives through collaborating with authorities, and is specialized in Identity Management. In recent years, he has improved the e-collaboration within the Dutch ministries by introducing Identity Management and the possibilities of smartcards. As from 2009 he participates in the deployement of a secure smartcard for physical access control as well as logical access control, for all Dutch governmental employees. Eric Brouwer graduated at the Technical University of Delft and has over 20 years of experience in improving the business processes by introducing ICT-solutions at AT&T and Philips Telecommunications, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the Shipping Inspectorate (Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Watermanagement), PragmavisIOn partners BV (own company), the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and ICTU.


European Identity Conference 2009
06.05.2009 10:30-11:30 Smartcard: Physical and Logical Access Control within the Dutch Ministries Дальше
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