changjpg.per Ga-Lam Chang
Director IDM Solutions
Peak Solution

Ga-Lam Chang graduated in the field of IT and commerce with a certificate of the chamber of commerce and industry in 1995. Being responsible for the division network services, consisting of 36 employees, for a very successful mid-size German company he consults companies like Siemens Transportation Systems, Siemens Business Services, T-Systems, IBB/FAG Kugelfischer in questions of IT based process automization to the point of combining physical and computer based access control.

For this reason, as co-founder of Peak Solution in 2005, he completed several IDM projects with topics like strong authentication (PKI), account management, IDM best practices, enterprise single sign on, meta directory, role based access management and a strategy for SOIDMA (service oriented identity management architecture)


2nd European Identity Conference
04/24/2008 15:00-16:00 Merging IdM, SOA & ESB
End-to-End Trust through leveraging SOA & IAM
Loosely Coupling Best-of-Breed Identity Management Solutions
Why IDM Systems have to utilize SOAs
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