josang.per Prof. Dr. Audun Josang
Head of Identity Management
Queensland University of Technology, and Oslo University

Audun Josang is Professor of Informatin Security at the University of Oslo and Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology in BRisbane, Australia. Before that he was Research Leader of IT security at the Distributed Systems Technology Centre in Brisbane and also worked for Acatel Telecom in Belgium and Telenor in Norway. Professor Josang has a PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a Masters in Information Security from Royal Holloway College in London.


European Identity Conference 2009
05.05.2009 14:30-15:00 Is there a difference between the European way of doing IAM/GRC and „the rest of the world“? If yes, why? And what?” Mehr
06.05.2009 11:30-12:30 The Importance of Authentication Frameworks for Global Interoperability Mehr
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