wieringa.per Helmer Wieringa
Technology Officer
Reed Business

Helmer Wieringa, is Technology Officer for Reed Business (Global) and he drives and supports innovation and in this role he evangelizes the adoption of user centric identity management within Reed Elsevier and Reed Business. Reed Business provides a range of communication and information channels – magazine, exhibitions, directories, online media, and marketing services — across five continents and is the business to business division of Reed Elsevier, the world leading publisher and information provider. Helmer worked for 24 year in many different roles in this company in the domains publishing technology, product development, and architecture.


2nd European Identity Conference
04/24/2008 15:00-16:00 User Centric Identity Case Studies from Adopters
User Centric Identity: Publishers Perspective
04/24/2008 16:30-17:30 User Centric Mastermind Panel Details
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