chaudry.per Dr. Zafar Chaudry
Director Information Management (CIO)
Liverpool Women�s NHS Foundation Trust Hospital

Dr. Chaudry holds a doctorate degree in Medicine, a MSc in Health Care anagement and a MSc in Information Systems. Dr. Chaudry is registered with the UK Council for Health Informatics Professionals as a level 3 Health nformatics Specialist. He is a professional member of the British Medical Association, holds Chartered Status from the British Computer Society, and has
been widely published. Zafar has 15+ years of cutting-edge experience in the implementation of healthcare information systems and information technology (IT) in managed care settings spanning acute care hospitals, clinics, multispecialty group practices and software companies in the USA.

Zafar has pecific expertise in strategic planning, health care policy analysis and development, development and management of innovative knowledge management and health informatics systems; evidence-based medicine, internet / intranet planning and development; Zafar has lectured at the City Colleges of Chicago. He has also been involved in the development of point-ofcare
diagnostic software (PEPID, the Portable, Primary and Emergency Informational Database) that has been used at Northwestern, Harvard and McGill Universities.

Zafar was appointed in April 2005 as the Director of Information Management and Technology for the Liverpool Women’s Hospital,
Europe’s Largest Women’s hospital. Zafar has also been appointed to the NHS Faculty of Health Informatics Board and recognised as a leader in “Business Intelligence” serving as a Board member for Obis Omni (“The UK Business Intelligence Community”). Zafar has led Liverpool Women’s to be awarded a Gold Medal and “Laureate” status in the “2007 Computerworld Honours Programme” in the USA for “Building a 21st Century Consolidated, Virtualized, Enterprise Infrastructure to Improve Patient Care”.

In addition, Zafar has led Liverpool Women’s to be awarded the Effective IT (2007) Awards for the “Most
Effective Use of IT in Public Services” and the “Most Effective Enterprise-Wide Infrastructure” as well as the CNET Award (2007) for “Public Sector Technology Project of the Year.” Zafar recently became Chair of MUSE EU.


2nd European Identity Conference
04/24/2008 15:00-16:00 eHealth Best Practices
Single Sign On: Faster Patient Care through Technology
04/24/2008 16:30-17:30 eHealth CIO Panel Details
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