cameron.per Kim Cameron
Creator of the Laws of Identity and Microsoft Identity Architect


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
05.05.2015 17:40-18:00 Identity Services 2020 Дальше
07.05.2015 14:30-15:30 New Security Solutions for the Enterprise
What If the Future of Security Means Not Knowing It’s There?
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
13.05.2014 18:00-18:20 Applied Information Stewardship: Protect your Jewelry Дальше
14.05.2014 11:00-12:00 Killing IAM
Weaving Identity into Business Services – Is this the Future of Identity & Access Management?
14.05.2014 17:30-18:30 Secure Information Sharing in Health Care
eHealthcare Done Right: Strong Identities, Privacy, Secure Information Access and Sharing
15.05.2014 14:30-15:30 Beyond End-to-End-Encryption
The Next Generation of Privacy Tools: What can we expect?
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013
14.05.2013 17:50-18:10 Tackling the Identity Explosion: Getting a grip on Customers and Partners Дальше
15.05.2013 17:00-18:00 Identity Management as a Service (IdMaaS) – the Dope or are we Duped? Дальше
16.05.2013 14:00-15:00 Life Management Platforms, Personal Data, Private Cloud – Standards and Initiatives Дальше
16.05.2013 15:00-16:00 Architectural & Strategical Considerations
From Risk to Value: The Future of Social Media and their Role as Catalysts in Enterprise IAM
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
17.04.2012 15:20-15:40 Conflicting Visions of Cloud Identity Дальше
18.04.2012 10:30-12:30 Consumer Identity
Consumer Identity Systems – Trends
19.04.2012 11:30-12:30 The KuppingerCole IT Model and the API Economy
How the API Economy Leverages our Capabilities for Delivering Business Services
19.04.2012 14:00-15:00 Security Intelligence
Identity and Security Intelligence
European Identity Conference 2011
10.05.2011 16:30-17:00 Polishing the Crystal Ball: Where is Identity Heading? Дальше
European Identity Conference 2010
04.05.2010 16:30-17:00 Federated Directory meets Minimal Disclosure: Mortal Enemies or Soul Mates? Дальше
05.05.2010 11:30-12:30 Converging User-centric & Enterprise-centric IDs – a Conversation with Kim Cameron Дальше
05.05.2010 14:00-15:00 How to make your Software Security Architecture Future-Proof Дальше
06.05.2010 16:30-17:30 Consumer Identity & Trust Networks
Internet Scale Trust and Openness
07.05.2010 09:00-12:00 Implementing User-Centric Identity Management in Real-World Online Services
Review of innovations in identity management: towards enhanced experience, trust and security for end-users and service providers
European Identity Conference 2009
05.05.2009 15:00-15:30 The Road to Claims: From Vision to Reality Дальше
06.05.2009 10:30-11:30 User Centric & Mobile Business Cases Дальше
06.05.2009 11:30-12:30 Realigning AuthZ and Access Control with the Business Дальше
07.05.2009 16:30-17:30 Take a Card: Information Cards as Enterprise Authenticators Дальше
2nd European Identity Conference
22.04.2008 14:30-15:00 How Claims Will Change Everything Дальше
24.04.2008 11:30-12:30 eGovernment Standards
eGovernment Standards Panel
24.04.2008 16:30-17:30 User Centric Mastermind Panel Дальше
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