ariel gordon.per Ariel Gordon
Principal Group Program Manager, Identity and Security Division

Ariel joined Microsoft’s Identity and Security Division in 2008.  He leads the End-to-End Scenarios team responsible for aligning value proposition to customers’ scenarios and delivering a cohesive customer experience across Microsoft’s Identity and Access products and services.


European Identity Conference 2010
2010年05月05日 15:00-16:00 Improving the Security and Usability of OpenID 更多的
European Identity Conference 2009
2009年05月07日 11:30-12:30 Using Claims to Convey Trust Across Identity Boundaries 更多的
2nd European Identity Conference
2008年04月23日 09:00-09:30 The Future of Telco Business Models
Opening Authentication & Identity-centric APIs to Third Parties
2008年04月24日 11:30-12:30 Mobile Identity Business Models
Panel: And where are the Mobile Identity Business-Models?
2008年04月24日 16:30-17:30 User Centric Mastermind Panel 更多的
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