asma.per Jörg Asma

Jörg is Partner of KPMG in the service line (IT) Advisory and is responsible in Germany for the service area Security, Privacy, Continuity, an area, in which the employees mainly deal with different aspects of information security. Jörg Asma integrated the German practice into the certification services of KPMG Audit Plc 4 years ago, so that today certifications can be performed world wide by KPMG for different ISO Standards, amongst others ISO/IEC27001. He is a member of working group NI27, which strives towards the advancement and annotation of international standard at national level. His international activities in the area of information security are completed by the KPMG Global Excellence Award for Information Security, which is awarded annually in London during the ISMS goes Global Conference. He performed numerous projects in the area of advisory concerning the implementation of information security management systems as well as certifications. Furthermore, he has been dealing with the conception and implementation of measurements for information security.


European Identity Conference 2011
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European Identity Conference 2011
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2nd European Identity Conference
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