jebzery sq.per Jim Ebzery
Senior Vice President and General Manager, Identity and Security Management Solutions

Jim Ebzery is responsible for leading product development, marketing and strategy for the Identity and Security Management business unit, one of the key growth areas at Novell. Mr. Ebzery is an experienced technology executive with an extensive track record of delivering results and operational improvements. He is a proven team leader, successfully leading change in a variety of challenging environments and industries, from startups to global technology leaders.

Most recently, he was President of the Viisage Division at L-1 Identity Solutions, a leading provider of advanced technology identity solutions. He served as senior vice president of sales and marketing at Viisage Technology, and his past experience also includes 17 years at IBM, where he held a variety of sales and executive positions. Mr. Ebzery earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College in Computer Science.

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