sebastianrohr.per Sebastian Rohr
Senior Analyst

Sebastian Rohr has been active as author of multiple articles, reviews and essays on all kinds of security topics. Having a ten year record in IT with a background in network & systems management, network security and PKI he started his career with Siemens ICN in 1998. To get a deeper insight to wireless and mobile network security, he joined a newly founded reasearch group called SIMS at world famous Fraunhofer, establishing a research lab for seamless inter-network handover. Back in industry, he joined IAM vendor CA, playing a pivotal role in developing the DACH market for the growing number of Identity & Access Management products. Before joining KuppingerCole lately, he worked as the Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft, helping to spread the message of Trustworthy Computing and Secure Development Lifecycle as well as the new IAM products from Microsoft.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2012
2012年04月19日 16:30-17:30 Secure (Big) Data
Database Firewalls: Advancing Security for Enterprise Data
European Identity Conference 2011
2011年05月11日 11:30-12:30 How to do Authentication for the Private, Hybrid, and Public Cloud – Secure, Unified, Flexible 更多的
European Identity Conference 2010
2010年05月04日 09:00-13:00 Moving beyond the Perimeter: Identity & Access Management for a Networked World 更多的
2010年05月06日 10:30-11:30 Virtualization Trends and Strategies – from Hype to Reality 更多的
European Identity Conference 2009
2009年05月07日 10:30-11:30 5 Steps to Move from Audit Logs Towards Integrated, Corporate-Level Security and Identity Audits 更多的
Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) Forum 2008
2008年11月18日 09:45-10:15 Identity Management als Basis für GRC 更多的
2008年11月18日 17:00-17:45 Marktübersicht: GRC-Plattformen 更多的
2008年11月18日 17:45-18:30 Panel-Diskussion: Wie muß ein Tool GRC unterstützen? 更多的
2008年11月19日 11:00-11:45 SIEM: Ein Teil von GRC-Initiativen 更多的
2nd European Identity Conference
2008年04月23日 10:30-11:30 Kuppinger Cole SSO Report 2008 更多的
2008年04月24日 14:00-15:00 Business Roles – Methods and Tools
Enterprise Role Management instead of Identity Role Management?
2008年04月25日 11:00-12:30 Managing External Identities 更多的


European Identity Conference 2011
Best Practices 更多的
European Identity Conference 2010
Best Practices I 更多的
Virtualization and Infrastructure 更多的
European Identity Conference 2009
Provisioning & Identity Lifecycle Management 更多的
Security & Identity Audits 更多的
2nd European Identity Conference
Best Practices II 更多的
Identity driven Security 更多的
Identity-Enabled Information Management 更多的
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