posch eic14.per Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch
CIO for the Austrian Federal Government
Republic of Austria

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Posch is member of many professional societies: IEEE, ACM, OCG (member of the board of the Austrian Computer Society), OGI (Oesterreichische Gesellschaft für Informatik), ACONET, OeMG (Oesterreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft),  GME (Microelectronic society) etc. He was the Austrian representative in IFIP TC6 (Communication) as well as IFIP TC11 (Computer Security).

Besides this Reinhard Posch is member of the Working group on Security of payment systems with chip cards of the Austrian National Bank. He worked with the OECD group of experts on cryptography in preparing the OECD guidelines for cryptographic policies. At the national level he was consulting the Federal Chancellery, the Ministry of the Interior and other public institutions on matters of security and cryptography.

He was participating in the negotiations for the “Directive on a common framework for electronic signatures” of the European Union. Reinhard Posch is also participating in the Working Party on the authenticity of legal data and electronic signature in the justice sector of the Council of Europe.

Within the i2010 framework Reinhard Posch participated in the eGovernment subgroup taking the lead in eIdentities and interoperability of electronic documents. Prof. Dr. Posch acts as the Austrian member of the ENISA Management Board. At the 10th meeting on 23rd of March 2007 he got elected Chairmen of the management board.

Reinhard Posch was appointed coordinator for the electronic citizen card, a signature based smart card, by the Austrian government. As Chief Information Officer Reinhard Posch is heading the platform “Digital Austria”, the coordination body for ICT in public administration and E-Government in Austria .

Reinhard Posch has received several awards among those the IFIP Silver Core, and the ID Peoples Award 2006.


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