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Tony de Bos studied Information Technology and Business Economics at the University of Rotterdam and graduated in 1994. He then went on to complete postgraduate studies in EDP Auditing (RE) and Accountancy (RA) while working as an EDP Auditor for Deloitte & Touche. Tony combines extensive technical knowledge of IT and IT security with business acumen in the field of PKI. In 1996 Tony, Marcel Jak and Dick Batenburg conducted a study of electronic notarial services commissioned by the Royal Notarial Association. The study resulted in the setting up of DigiNotar in 1999. Tony has served as Managing Director of the company since it was set up. In his capacity as Managing Director Tony is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and commerce for the development of the DigiNotar organisation and infrastructure. Tony has considerable experience of working with CA strategies and architectures, policy management, key ceremonies and procedures, quality management and operations. Having worked on a huge number of projects for customers, which involve technical, legal and organisational aspects, Tony has a great deal of experience of setting up and managing PKI (RSA, CyberTrust, Entrust, Verisign) and Trust (verification and filing) environments. Tony is an active member of CABForum (www.cabforum.org) – an organisation responsible for the standardisation of EVSSL certificates (the green bar in IE7), among other things. Tony de Bos is also a member of various forums and task forces that deal with Trust Services. He is regularly invited to speak at international seminars and has written various articles. Tony is also a member of various ECP.nl working groups and serves on the steering committee that oversees A-Select (a platform used for DigiD and PASS services among other things).


2nd European Identity Conference
04/24/2008 16:30-17:30 Universal CV – A Job Provider Circle of Trust based on HR-XML
Diginotar: How to Launch a User centric E-Identity service – Are you Ready?
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