dodel2.per Stefan Dodel
Specialist, middleware security solutions

Stefan is responsible for advising customers, partners and Oracle organisations on I&AM solutions and architecture across EMEA. He has been working in the areas of Identity and Access management for about 6 years, joining Oracle with the acquisition of Oblix. He has a track record for client-server and 3-tier software development projects of more than 15 years and a business background, having studied economics with a specialization on the financial sector.


Identity Management & GRC Conference Istanbul
06/25/2009 15:30-16:30 Roles, Entitlements & Authorization
Entitlement Management Frameworks as an Enabler for Fine Grained Authorization
European Identity Conference 2009
05/07/2009 15:00-16:00 Seeing the Big Picture: Context-Based Authentication Details
2nd European Identity Conference
04/23/2008 14:00-15:00 Managing the Operational Risks of Online Identities Details
1st European Identity Conference
05/10/2007 13:30-16:00 The Importance of Identity Management in a Successful SOA Implementation Details
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