butschke.per Thorsten Butschke
Senior Software Consultant

Thorsten Butschke serves as Senior Software Consultant at KOGIT GmbH. He is counselling the customers during the implementation of Identity Management projects and is engaged in the implementation of the solution.

Thorsten Butschke is working for the company since 2004. The key aspects of his function are project planning, implementation of the User Management solutions as well as data consolidation with the help of Virtual Directories. Thorsten Butschke has gained project experiences with the various Identity Management solutions.


2nd European Identity Conference
04/25/2008 09:00-10:30 Identity Management in Time and on Budget Details
1st European Identity Conference
05/10/2007 09:00-12:30 Directory Infrastructure Roadmap
Overcoming Fragmented Identities – Roadmap to a reliable Directory Infrastructure
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