vogel 01.per Marko Vogel
IAM Lead Manager, IT Advisory

Marko leads the Identity and Access Management (IAM) services of KPMG Germany. Marko is specialized in both audit and advisory services in the field of identity and access management, user management, provisioning, authorization management, role based access control, role engineering, authentication and access management and information security.

Marko is a member of the specialized KPMG European Center of Excel-lence for Identity and Access Management and took active part in the de-velopment of KPMGs global IAM methodology. Marko’s major involve-ments are in assisting clients in their strategy, building the business case and perform program management activities as well as designing IAM governance and processes, requirement analysis and quality assurance activities. Marko published several articles concerning Identity and Access Manage-ment and is a member of the validation group of GenericIAM.

Furthermore, Marko is involved as an ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor in certi-fications of information security management systems.


European Identity Conference 2010
05/06/2010 11:30-12:30 IAM Governance Details
European Identity Conference 2009
05/06/2009 15:00-16:00 Is the IAM Focus of Today�s GRC Platforms Sufficient? Details
05/07/2009 10:30-11:30 Role Lifecycle Management
Enterprise Role Management – A Pragmatic Approach to Roles
2nd European Identity Conference
04/23/2008 11:30-12:30 Identity Risk Management
How to assess the maturity of Identity Management
04/23/2008 14:00-15:00 Panel: New School Access Compliance and Risk Management Innovation Details
1st European Identity Conference
05/09/2007 11:00-12:00 What Does The Auditor Want To See? (I)
IT Compliance and Auditing
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