ben bildstein.per Ben Bildstein
Manager, Digital Policy and VANguard
Department of Industry and Science (Australian Government)

Ben Bildstein has been working for the Australian Government in the authentication and digital identity space for five years, with experience ranging from systems-level implementation to high-level consultation helping to shape digital policy. Recently, he has been representing the federal Department of Industry and Science in national-level policy and design discussions about the future of digital identity and centralized authentication, including the gradual convergence of the business and citizen domains.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
06.05.2015 14:30-15:30 Best Practice
Rethinking Digital Identity: The Australian Government Story
06.05.2015 17:30-18:30 Think Globally, Act Locally
Understanding and Dealing with Macro-Level Risks that Affect your Institution’s Risk Profile
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