tolbert john.per John Tolbert
VP Cybersecurity

John Tolbert is VP of Cybersecurity at Queralt,Inc. In this role, John leads the prototyping and development of access control, data loss prevention, and intelligence solutions for commercial and government customers. John is a contributing member of the OASIS XACML TC, initiating the Data Loss Prevention – Network Access Control, Export Control – US, and Intellectual Property Control profiles. He was named a 2014 OASIS Distinguished Contributor. He was an invited editor of NIST SP 800-162 on Attribute-based access controls. John is the liaison between OASIS and the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Program (TSCP). Within TSCP, John co-chaired the Cyber Security Working Group and Intellectual Property Working Group. 


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
05/06/2015 15:30-16:30 OASIS SAML & XACML for Consumer Identity
Securing Sensitive Data While Enhancing Privacy
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