zipf gerhard.per Gerhard Zipf
Tesis Sysware GmbH

Gerhard Zipf studied Maths at the Technical  University in Munich. After his degree he was responsible for reliability and risk-analysis at GRS (Company for reactor safety). After some years of freelance project work he founded the company TESIS Sysware in the year 1992.

TESIS SYSware supports their customers in organizing company processes by using IT-technology in an economically sustainable, transparent and secure way. Since the foundation of the company 15 years ago user provisioning is a key topic of TESIS SYSware. As an example there is one customer who administers more than half a million accounts with about 160.000 users automatically by means of TESIS software. The systems z/OS (TSO, CICS, IMS; TPX), Windows, Oracle, Unix, VMS und CAD-accounts are supported.

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