frankwittlichweic.per Frank Wittlich
Architecture Management and Integration Architecture
Talanx Systeme AG

He started his professional career as consultant for safety critical applications at TUV Rheinland Group, changed over as project manager and IT process consulatant in the software development section of Citibank Germany and was employed from 2000 in the Talanx group in the area bancassurance in different leading and projectmanagement roles.

In 2013 he switched over to the central IT in the area architecture management and integration architecture of the Talanx Systeme AG. His key areas are actual enterprise architecture management and process automation beneath project management.

His collaborative manner, his goal-oriented and (when possible) pragmatic approaches to architectural solutions in complex situations made him to a frequently inquired adviser for IT as well as business departments.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
2015年05月07日 11:00-12:00 Access Governance Best Practice
Externalized Access Management (ABAC, RBAC) at Talanx Systeme AG for Bancassurance
2015年05月07日 12:00-13:00 IAM Standard Processes
RBAC & ABAC Hybrid Approaches
2015年05月07日 14:30-15:30 Dynamic Authorization
The Future of Authorization
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