marco duetsch.per Marco Dütsch
Head IP Communications Platform

Marco Dütsch began in 1995 at Siemens Switzerland AG, with the development of VoIP-based multimedia contact centres and is therefore one of the first guy within the VoIP technology arena. As a co-founder of media-streams.com AG, he continued his idea of a pure software-based, distributed telephony solution and developed the product e-phone. 2005 media-streams.com AG was acquired by Microsoft and the product e-phone became successively integrated into the Lync system. Beginning of 2010 he joined Swisscom as “Head of IP Communications Platform”. In this role he initiated a new Managed Communication portfolio based on Microsoft and Cisco technology. Since January 2012 Marco is responsible for all different OTT like services. This includes as well a next generation of IAM-environment to serve Web-Application as well as Mobile-APPs.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
05/06/2015 17:30-18:30 Telcos & Innovation
Facing The Future: Identity Opportunities for Telco Operators
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