ronwilliamseic.per Ron Williams
Chief Architect, IBM Security Systems, Infrastructure Security

As a subject matter expert in application and network security, Ron has designed and developed application & network security products and global web security architecture for the Global 100. Ron holds and has patents pending that address authentication, authorization, audit, web application security, and network intrusion detection and protection.

With over 25 years experience in information technology, software development, and security architecture, Ron has focused on identifying optimal solutions to system problems, both human and digital. He has a track record of providing innovative products and solutions in healthcare, finance, and retail venues, focusing on the achievement of defined objectives in the simplest way possible.

Ron is currently the Chief Architect of IBM Security Systems Threat Platform, and is leading efforts across a distributed and global engineering teams to deliver customer focused value through innovative implementation and agile development practice.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
05/15/2014 12:00-13:00 Software Defined Infrastructures – Compliance and Security
Defining your Path Towards a Software Defined Datacenter
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