p niblett.per Peter Niblett
Senior Technical Staff Member

Peter Niblett is an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, responsible for the architecture and design of IBM’s Messaging products. Peter’s special areas of interest are the use of Messaging and Event Processing technologies in Mobile and M2M applications, and the combination of these technologies with Analytics to underpin the Internet of Things. Peter was one of the original designers of the Java Message Service (JMS) programming interface, and chaired the OASIS Technical Committee that developed the Web Services Notification standard. He has participated in a number of other OASIS standards activities, including the recently-launched MQTT Technical Committee. He is the co-author (along with Opher Etzion) of Event Processing in Action (Manning Publications). This book, published in 2010, introduces the major concepts of event-driven architecture and  shows how to use, design, and build event processing systems and applications. In 2004 Peter was one of a team of five recognised by the Royal Academy of Engineering with the MacRobert Award for the WebSphere MQ family, the first time the most prestigious engineering award in the United Kingdom had been presented for a purely software engineering achievement.  


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
07.05.2015 14:30-15:30 IoT/OT Privacy & Security
IoT Privacy Risks, Legislation and Solutions
07.05.2015 17:00-18:00 Integration
Mastering IoT Privacy and Security Risks Without Losing the Benefits of IoT
European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
15.05.2014 15:30-16:30 Security in a M2M & IoT World
Security in a World of 50 Billion Connected Devices
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