sabag idita israeli.per Idita Israeli Sabag
Information Security Manager
El Al Israel Airlines

Idita is an Information Security manager at El Al Israel Airlines and has been with the company for over 12 years. Here are some of the tasks that Idita and the team she manages are responsible for:

  • Defining and setting Information Security Policies
  • Complying with regulation (PCI-DSS, iSOX)
  • Providing consulting services for IT and Application Development Teams
  • Managing Information Security Research such as Threat and Risk analysis
  • Identifying management projects including Role Mining, Remote Access, Auditing & Incident Management
  • cyber security defense

She has also served at El Al as an Information Systems auditor for 2 years. Idita has a MBA degree in Business and Management since 2005.


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2014
05/15/2014 11:00-12:00 IAG & PxM – Integrated View
Early Check-in with Identity and Access Governance Best Practices
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