dplastina photo.per Dan Plastina
Group Manager, Information Protection

Dan Plastina leads the information protection team at Microsoft, with the Microsoft Rights Management suite of products being one of his core responsibilities. RMS includes an on-premises Active Directory RMS offering, an Azure hosted offering called Azure RMS, as well as the many PC/Mobile RMS applications and RMS SDKs. You can reach him as http://twitter.com/TheRMSGuy and www.linkedin.com/in/danpl


European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015
06.05.2015 14:30-15:30 Cloud Encryption; Securing IaaS
Customer-Managed Encryption Keys: Controlling Your Data’s Privacy in the Cloud
07.05.2015 12:00-13:00 Market Maturity
Protecting and Tracking Sensitive Data
Information Centric Security; the Way to Go?
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